Enamel On Steel (EOS) Steel Enamel Benefits?

Cookware with enamel on steel (EOS) is flexible enough to work well on a wide range of heat sources. Because it has a steel core, it can be used on induction cooktops. With enamel on steel construction, the stove heats up quickly and evenly. A base made of carbon steel responds to heat better and heats more evenly than a base made of stainless steel. In both cases, you can do the most cooking with low to medium heat, which makes this kind of cookware efficient.

The enamel coating keeps chemicals from the metal core from getting into your food and reacting with acidic foods. It also doesn’t keep flavors or change how your food tastes. As long as the coating is in good shape, it is safe to cook, marinate, and serve food on the cooking surface. Cookware with enamel over steel can look very nice. Any kitchen will look better if the outside is painted nicely.

This cookware can go straight from the stove to the table, which saves you time and makes your table look better. To keep an enamel coating in good shape, you don’t have to let it age. The surface of enamel is smooth and easy to clean and take care of. As long as the coating on enameled cookware isn’t broken, it won’t rust.

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