What is EOS? (Enamel On Steel)

Enamelled steel or Enamel on Steel (EOS) cookware has become popular because of its good looks and doing a well job. The core of this cookware is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and it is covered with enamel. During the making process, a thin layer of glass is put on to the metal while it is very hot. This keeps the metal from rusting.Cookware like pots , frying pans, stockpots , Dutch ovens, steam cookers, and teapots are often made with enamel on steel (EOS).  Campers also like enameled steel cookware because it is light, heats up quickly, and is easy to clean up.Compared to enameled cast iron, this kind of cookware is a lot lighter. Steel core also heats up and cools down much faster than cast iron, so if you’re used to cooking in cast iron, you may need to change your cooking times.

Because enamel on steel (EOS) can be shaped, it can be made into many different things. It is made in a special way to help enamels stick better to metal. The roughness of the surface is meant to help it stick. Also, it has less carbon than regular steel, and the chemistry of the product lets hot enameling stick.For the enamel coating to work well, the surface must have a low carbon content and be rough. Not only does how well the enamel sticks to the tooth matter, but so does how it looks. If the amount of carbon in the metal is too high, it can cause gaseous CO and CO2 to be released when it is heated. This can change the way the surface looks.The finished enameled steel is resistant to fire and can handle temperatures in a wide range. Because of this, it is used in a lot of cooking products. The surface is very hard, so it is not easy to scratch. At the same time, the steel core gives it strength, so it won’t break easily. Glass cookware can’t handle sudden changes in temperature, but enameled steel can. It doesn’t rust or react with chemicals, which makes it perfect for washers and hot water heaters.

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